Dress Up is a dedicated online store which aims to deliver elegant clothes at affordable prices.

Payment Options:
1. Credit card
2. From 7-11 or Family Mart nearest you (pay upon pick up)

Delivery Options:

1. Once your account is confirmed, your order will be processed and you will receive the order within 7 business days (excluding weekends or holidays).

2. The goods will be delivered via courier or you can pick up from the convenient store nearest you (7-11 or Family Mart).

3. Delivers within Taiwan only.

4. In case the shop cannot provide your order, we will notify you within 2 working days. 

Return Policy:

1. Damaged goods can be returned within 7 days upon receiving order.

2. Provide the original packaging and all other bundled accessories when returning.

3. Call service for more information.

商店地址: 桃園市330桃園區大有路159號16樓